Sicon Financials
  • Sicon Financials enhances existing Sage 200 modules to provide extended functionality or provide entirely new modules and processing tools that are fully integrated with many of the standard Sage 200 modules.

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Audit log

Audit Log

This is a fully integrated module written specifically for Sage 200. Designed to track field level changes to core financial modules, sales and purchase order processing modules, stock and price book.

Sicon cash flow

Cash Flow

Sicon Cash Flow is designed specifically as an enhancement for Sage 200. Fully integrated with the Sage 200 financial ledgers and order processing modules this is a simple module to use.  

Contracts icon


Sicon Contracts is an additional module for Sage 200, designed to control periodic invoicing and the management and reconciliation of the deferred income and cost postings.

Debtor Management 

The Sicon Debtor Management module makes collecting funds simpler, faster and more efficient for you and your customers to manage.

Document Management (DMS)

Allows users to scan and retrieve documents while they work in Sage 200, with no additional document management software or indexing steps required.

Enhancement Pack Icon

Enhancement Pack

Sicon has created many enhancements for Sage 200 that are too small to become products on their own. In order to make these readily available, we have included over 90 enhancements and utilities to our Enhancement Pack modules.



The Sicon Intercompany module is designed specifically as an enhancement for Sage 200. Fully integrated with the Sage 200 financials ledgers, order processing and stock control module processes.

Sicon fixed asset

Sicon Fixed Assets

Manage your Fixed Assets with this fully integrated asset management solution for Sage 200. Linking directly to the financial ledgers and month end processes this is a simple module to use.

Task and Contact manager

Tasks & Contacts

Sicon Tasks & Contacts is a contact, notes and reminder system that is fully integrated with Sage 200. Aimed at customers who feel a full CRM system is too complex for their requirements and need a simple contact management system.

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