Enhancement Pack

Sicon has created many enhancements for Sage 200 that are too small to become products on their own. In order to make these readily available, we have included over 90 enhancements and utilities to our Enhancement Pack modules.

Enhancement Pack Icon

Sicon Enhancement pack

Enhancement Pack features include:

  • Multi module features including pop-up notes for customers, suppliers and stock items.
  • Memo tabs for SOP, POP and order processing exchange rates updated after ASM updates.
  • New Account /Stock item prompt list, existing account numbers / stock codes listed.
  • Nominal ledger journal import with tax.
  • Price bands by delivery location and update prices and discount groups by percentage.
  • Purchase ledger auto duplicate warning and reprint remittance from Transaction Enquiry.
  • Purchase Order Accruals with detailed narrative and supplier price and quantity breaks.