Sherry FitzGerald No.1 Estate Agents in Ireland chose K3

Sherry FitzGerald Group are Ireland’s leading property and mortgage advisory firm.

Sherry FitzGerald Group are Ireland’s Number 1 estate agents servicing Ireland with a branch network of 92 offices. Their depth of expertise in the property sector is unrivaled and their brands are among the most recoginsed in Ireland. The group consists of four main business units:

  • Sherry FitzGerald Residential Sales in second hand and new home properties
  • DTZ Sherry FitzGerald, which specialises in Commercial Agency, Professional Services & Property Management
  • Sherry FitzGerald Financial Services, which offers clients independent mortgage, pension, life and home insurance advice
  • Sherry FitzGerald Countrywide, which encompasses the national franchise network.

“…K3 are however well-placed to offer regional support and quickly send a technician into the store if necessary”

Sherry FitzGerald Group
Sherry FitzGerald Group

Project background

In 2012, Group Financial Director Steven McKenna took the decision to find a replacement finance system which would support theincreasingly complex needs of the business. His finance team were increasingly frustrated with a system that was not designed to cope with cross-divisonal and multi office accounts and his ability to extract insights and reports was limited through Excel reports. The existing system was laborious for users and the duplication of inter-company recharges through Accounts Payable and Receivable was a burden on his team and created large paper volumes.

Sherry FitzGerald Group requirements

They need a system that could support their drive to automate the business processes, become a paperless department, create efficiencies within the finance team and improve the reporting functionality in the Group. With a realistic budget in mind and a very clear view of his requirements, Steven’s search commence by taking counsel from his auditors and fellow accountants in business, combined with his own research online. He shortlisted Oracle, SAP, Accounts IQ and Sage.

After meeting all parties, the list was further shortened to just two options and more detailed demonstrations were given. Steven was very focused on finding a solution to meet his core needs within the budget that he had set. He finally decided that K3 and their Sage X3 solution was the right solution for the Sherry FitzGerald Group.

Download the full case study to understand more about the business requirements, solution and positive outcomes achieved by Sherry FitzGerald Group.

Solutions delivered

  • ERP: Sage X3
  • Add ons: Timesheet & Expense Module

The K3 service benefits

  • Simple to use with very little training needed
  • User adoption is made easy
  • Choose the technology to suit your business
  • Get up and running quickly and easily
  • Manage multiple businessacross multiple locations