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    Businesses of every size own and generate data, run a range of processes from lead generation, through opportunity management, to customer services, and ask their staff to manage these resources to differentiate themselves, retain their customers, and acquire new ones. CRM platforms bring together your people, processes and data to help your business stand out.

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Sage CRM

Sage CRM provides a leading class CRM platform that supports on premise or hosted deployments. More than 15,000 small and medium sized companies worldwide use Sage CRM every day to accelerate sales, drive business productivity and make every customer interaction count.

Sage CRM is a full service Customer Relationship Management platform that provides businesses of all sizes with a data and process framework that brings together its teams to enable a single customer view and business planning platform. It provides a single source of information about prospects and customers that businesses can access from any web browser, or on a range of mobile devices.

Accelerating your business success

Sage CRM can integrate an entire business by providing a hub for data flows through or from other applications and resources, like web sites or social media, and your back office and operational systems. Deploy user-centric dashboards to push data and insights to users to improve decision making and advance your thinking about strategy and operational effectiveness.

Sage CRM can be deployed as an out of the box customer relationship management solution that includes pre-configured functions for sales, marketing and customer services, and infinitely configurable automation and workflow. Once you’ve installed it centrally, all your in house teams can access it, from remote offices, or home, or from the field.

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