Sage 500
  • Sage Line 500

    An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package that has been thoroughly road-tested in many varied environments, Sage Line 500 is known for both its high levels of performance and its reliability. It is designed to provide increased profitability and consistent, high levels of service

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Sage 500

Sage Line 500 is built on four key tenets

  • User friendly technology: which means it’s quick and easy to pick up
  • Remote access: which is secure and browser based
  • Efficiency: with a drive towards the paperless office, generating new documents electronically and online archiving and storage
  • Language compatibility, whether it’s computer operating system (Windows or Unix) or spoken/written (English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian)

The system has a range of service-oriented features to allow businesses to provide prompt, efficient billing systems. Four key modules are behind this: Contract Management (provision of billing in advance or arrears for all aspects of high-value maintenance contracts, such as rental, lease, service, maintenance, or support). Integrating into Sage Line 500’s General Ledger, Project Ledger provides analysis – from all angles – of the user’s personally-configured cost repository.

The final key service module is Resource Ledger, a timesheet-based system configurable across expense, resource and project type and with functionality that allows for default (and thus time-saving) values to be automatically entered for location, project/sub-project and charging rates. Sitting between General Ledger and Resource Ledger is Project Billing, to cover project-based scenarios and which can be configured with rules on exactly what to bill, and when to bill it.

From the boardroom to the the shop floor, businesses don’t just demand constant information and monitoring, they rely on it and one of Sage Line 500’s core strengths is reporting. It provides easy access to relevant business data via a selection of built-in and online reports. Taking this one stage further are a series of additional, customisable reporting and analysis tools: Report Writer, Enquiries and Report Writer Language.

Accounting and Finance

Drive productivity and efficiency with powerful, fully integrated core financial accounting software. Sage 500 delivers a strong suite of tightly integrated, GAAP-compliant accounting and financial modules, easily customizable to the way you do business.

Distribution and supply chain

Sage 500 ERP provides distribution and supply chain management that helps you minimize carrying costs while ensuring sufficient product availability. Automated supply chain and warehouse management processes integrate solidly with demand forecasting to maximize inventory control and profits.


Sage 500 delivers scalable manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of light assembly through advanced manufacturing, all in a tightly integrated suite of modules. These modules address the common concerns of costing, workflow, material tracking, and supply and demand.