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    Sage 200cloud is designed to bring all three critical aspects of business operation under one manageable umbrella: finance, customers and insight. It brings together everyone working for and connected with a business, and allows them to work more efficiently and – by sharing data and sharing tasks – more collaboratively. The net result: measurable cost benefits.

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Sage 200cloud

Sage 200cloud comes in a variety of flavours to best suit both your financial commitments and your IT resource levels. The On Premise edition is available for either an initial upfront investment or via monthly payments which can be amended to fit the number of users and modules required. It’s also available to cloud-focused businesses, potentially with large remote workforces, as a completely online service. This vastly reduces the need for internal IT security or backup. Available for a monthly subscription, the cloud service is browser-based, with all data held remotely at one of Sage’s own data centres.

Sage 200cloud was developed to help business achieve two key objectives:

  • To improve efficiency and cut costs
  • To make smarter, informed business decisions

It provides a three-tiered accounting structure linked to specific jobs or projects. Stock is traceable across multiple locations, along with a fully-configurable system to track, log and account for timesheets and expenses. In terms of making smarter decisions, Sage 200cloud allows you to track and manage costs across all areas of a company via Business Intelligence.

Sage 200cloud product collateral:

Easy and quick to install and adapt

It’s flexible enough to meet the particular intricacies and quirks of your business. This is achieved with a variety of add-on modules, which we explore in more depth on the next tab:

  • Financials

  • Commercials

  • Business Intelligence

  • Workspaces

  • CRM

  • Project Accounting

  • Manufacturing

  • Bill Of Materials

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