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  • Sage ERP 1000

    Mid-market businesses need to watch costs and continually strive to avoid unnecessary spend. They might often also need an ERP system which is more sophisticated and detailed for some users, and faster and more straightforward for others. Sage ERP 1000 is the perfect solution in all of these scenarios.

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Sage ERP 1000

Simplicity is one of the basic tenets of Sage ERP 1000. The ERP product is browser-based, bringing with it three major benefits: reduced set-up time on each user’s computer, straightforward remote access for off-site and remote workers, and reduced hardware and administration costs. The simplicity of Sage’s modular approach to ERP means that training, upgrade and licensing costs are also minimised. And its integrated design is a world away from the issues that traditionally come from working with multiple systems from multiple vendors.

Sage ERP 1000 includes front and back office functionality and – most importantly – integration of the two, providing a unified view of the organisation. This unification means, for example, that re-keying information across departments is never required. Once entered in the ERP system, any information flows through to all related users and into their particular systems and modules.

This holds true internationally, too. If you are accounting in the UK, Ireland, France or Germany, all of the tax and currency implications they bring can be consolidated into one centralised software system.

Seeing the bigger picture

A set of analytical and reporting tools are included in Sage ERP 1000 Business Intelligence. These tools are capable of analysing data from other Sage software applications – as well as software applications from third-party vendors – to provide a set of system metrics which guide business growth and minimise costs.

Customer and future customers

A smooth integration with customer-facing software systems allows acquisition, retention, cross-sell and up-sell of customers to be quantified and developed. The Sage 1000 ERP software system enhances every stage of the customer journey – be it identifying prospects with the most potential, or identifying and rewarding loyal customers – and relays it back to everyone involved to make sure the best possible service can be delivered.