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    K3|imagine is a technological platform that has been created to support retail’s constantly changing needs. K3|imagine quickly and easily plugs into the existing back-end systems giving businesses the opportunity to embrace the future without re-engineering their present and past.

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Why choose K3|imagine

K3|imagine is the K3 vision for an agile and intelligent platform where you can combine different apps and modules to create a solution that is tailored to your needs. You can use just one app or bundle a couple of different apps, with real-time integration to your existing systems.

K3|imagine is a technological platform that has been created to support these constantly changing needs. Thanks to its flexibility, imagine will allow your company to select the most suitable solutions and trial them- and if you don’t like them, cancel them.

K3|imagine quickly and easily plugs into your existing back-end systems giving you the opportunity to embrace the future without re-engineering your present and past.

How does K3|imagine makes this possible?

K3|imagine is the platform that allows retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers to translate operational challenges into simple software solutions.

You can use the imagine platform to “plug and play” apps into your existing systems or stack them together independently, quickly and easily reducing implementation complexity, risk and cost.

K3|imagine allows you to leverage the latest technology to automate processes, bring teams together, minimize errors and make well-informed decisions faster.

K3|imagine is developing fast, and the first apps we are delivering address some of the key challenges facing retailers today.

What does this mean for you

Time to value continues to be a prime competitive advantage, and the usual pressures to deliver a compelling price and solid quality remain intense.

K3|imagine improves your operational agility to meet rising demand for current trends.


Accessible anytime, anywhere


From SMB to Enterprise.


No more big bang implementations.


Subscription based with free trials – no more large investments.


Instant implementation. Turn on and tune in.


Enterprise-class technology like machine learning for SMBs.


Predictive analytics based on internal and external data sources to improve and ultimately automate business decisions.


Brings employees, vendors, customers and partners together.

What does it mean for your customers?

An omni-channel process where every step of the shopping experience is seamlessly connected to the next, creating a smooth customer experience from the beginning until the end of the customer journey.

Technical benefits

K3|imagine is a technology platform that allows you to bundle all your software, apps and data in one place.

K3|imagine is a flexible and robust platform. It runs on any device. You can add or remove apps as needed. It works with any ERP. It is much faster and reliable than legacy solutions and spreadsheets.

  • Cloud

    No footprint, no upgrades, no OS tie-in.

  • Maintain

    Easy installation, maintenance and support.

  • Low TCO

    No upfront license and server costs

  • Focus

    Enables businesses to focus on their core business rather than IT infrastructure.

  • Data

    More data, more intelligence, faster and better decision making.

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