Sage Line 500 | Sage 1000 Webinars

Our Sage Line 500 | Sage 1000 Webinars have been specially created to help you get the most out of your software.

Are you e-Commerce ready

Thursday 21st October 2021

In this session, the team from Aphix will show you just how easy it is to “get online” with their fully integrated e-commerce suite. They fully support business to business and business to consumer models to help you develop and scale your business online. To learn more, you need to sign up for this session.

Excel Integration for Line 500 and Sage 1000

Thursday 16th December 2021

Excelerator is the powerful, proven Excel add-in that creates seamless integration from Excel to Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000. With a mouse click, data is validated and updated to Sage with complete accuracy, redefining user expectations and cutting data processing costs by up to 50%. To see if for yourself and get a 7-day free trial in our webinar.

Mobile expense and travel authorisation

Thursday 17th February 2022

Empower employees with a suite of cutting-edge, fully-integrated spend management software solutions. In this webinar we will show you how you can automate manual tasks, get deep and immediate visibility, and better control spend across your organisation. Save time and money—and free up your finance team to focus on more strategic work.

Notifications and Alerts

Thursday 14th April 2022

In this session, the team from Codeless Platforms with introduce their business process automation platform. The Notifications & Alerts capability is designed for all sizes of businesses and enables organisations to address all employee, customer, supplier and stakeholder real-time knowledge requirements. Notifications and alerts come in two forms and these are internal (management, sales, finance, operations) and external (customers, partners, suppliers, members).

Considering and planning your next ERP solution

Thursday 16th June 2022

In this session, we will hold a round table talk about what you should be considering when planning a move to your next ERP solution. There are a wide range of exciting and modern Sage applications that you could consider, and we will look at a selection of them here.

Add-on modules

Thursday 18th August 2022

Do you need to get more out of your Sage Line 500 / Sage 1000 systems? Do you wish it had more functionality and feature rich modules? In this session, the team from Defacto Solutions will introduce you to their large range of modules including WMS, Quality Management, Vendor Returns, Customer Returns, Stock Archiving, Laboratory Testing, Enhanced Purchasing, Make To Order, MRP Rescheduling, Hippocrates, CAD/BOM Import, Net Change MRP, WIP Start-Stop, Proof Of Delivery, Van Sales, Field Service Tracking.

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