Sage X3 Webinars

Our Sage X3 Webinars have been specially created to help you get the most out of your software.

Advanced Credit Control

Thursday 7th October

In this session, the team from Draycir will show how Credit Hound can enable you to get paid faster, significantly reduces administrative tasks and show how much you are owed and who you need to chase.

Project Management

Thursday 11th November

In this session, we will introduce you to PJM and how it integrates to other parts of the system to give you a unified view all in one place.

eCommerce, eProcurement and Mobile App Solutions

Thursday 9th December

If you are a wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer or retailer then this is a session you should attend. We are joined by the team from Aphix who will showcase their digital platform and extensive range of solutions.

Manufacturing Processes

Thursday 13th January

This is a great session if you’ve never seen Sage X3 manufacturing before, but also a great reminder to experienced users of the extensive facilities available that you might have forgotten about.

What’s New

Thursday 10th February

In this session, we are going to look at: what is new in the latest release of Sage X3; see what is due for release on the product roadmap; discuss Sage’s product lifecycle policy; and things to consider when planning an upgrade.

Expenses and Travel Authorisation

Thursday 10th March

In this session, we will look how Certify can be used to automate these processes and bring them fully under your control.

Product Configurator

Thursday 7th April

In this session, we will explain what the module is and how it can be used as an advanced product selection tool, how it can assist in the sale of products with options and variants plus the full configuration option where we are making a special product “to order”.

Sage HR

Thursday 12th May

In this session, we will be joined from the team at Sage and look at: Core HR, Leave Management, Performance, Recruitment & Onboarding.

Simple Customisations

Thursday 9th June

In this session, we are going to explore how easy it is to add functionality to Sage X3 using its in-built customisation and development facilities.

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We’ve chosen our webinar content based on latest trends, hot topics and new features we think are beneficial. If there is a particular topic you’d like to explore with us please let us know.