Sage 200 Webinars

Our Sage 200 Webinars have been specially created to help you get the most out of your software.

Sicon Manufacturing 

Monday 28th June – 2:00pm

This session considers the benefit of adding in the Sicon Manufacturing Suite of software including: Works order processing, materials resource planning, scheduling, barcoding and warehousing.

Getting more from 200 Standard 

Wednesday 14th July – 2:00pm

Join this webinar to see how businesses who have outgrown their current system can benefit from a move to Sage 200cloud Standard.

Using the O365 Azure functionality 

Monday 9th August – 2:00pm

Using the O365 Azure functionality – Join a session to look at the benefits of getting Azure Connector enabled. This will cover the use of Microsoft Power BI, the Contact App in MS Outlook, and automation using MS Flow as well as the API for integration.

Sicon Enhancement Pack 

Monday 13th September – 2:00pm

A general session to explore the additional functionality provided by the cashflow, audit, fixed asset and document modules for the Sage 200 suite and how these can drive down cost, manage precious cashflow and drive through productivity and system control.

Codeless Platforms

Monday 11th October – 2:00pm

Join us for an overview webinar and Q&A to learn how Codeless Platforms provides cost-effective alerts and report automation as well as advanced business process automation.

Sicon CRM

Thursday 4th November – 2:00pm

Join our presentation of Sicon’s CRM module. This integrates as part of Sage 200 and provides sales, support and marketing functionality via web browser , integrated desktop CRM as well as a smartphone app (iOs or Android). Track sales, manage quality processes and non-conformance incidents, manage customer issues and much, much more!

Sicon Projects

Friday 3rd December – 2:00pm

A focused session to explore the additional functionality provided by the Project and related modules for the Sage 200 suite and how this can dramatically help in Project planning, scheduling, execution and control.

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We’ve chosen our webinar content based on latest trends, hot topics and new features we think are beneficial. If there is a particular topic you’d like to explore with us please let us know.