• Whatever your reason(s) for improving the flow of data in your business, be that better service levels, reduced costs or heightened visibility of management information, let k3|dataswitch do the work for you

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k3|dataswitch is a purpose-built software solution developed by K3 to help businesses communicate and integrate with various systems and enable them to set up multiple work-streams from one or more input sources.

It is the missing link to standardise the flow of information between unconnected software systems

Benefit of Dataswitch

Time to Value

Whatever values and benefits you perceive from automating systems and process, realise them faster with k3|dataswitch’s quick implementation and ease of use

increased accuracy

Automating your processes through system integration removes the risk of errors in business critical transactions. Processes can be completed not only faster, but more accurately too, meaning business decisions can be made based on real-time data – all resulting in a leaner business


Transactions between your ERP system and those of your suppliers, customers and business partners can be automated to reduce administration and rework costs.


Respond more quickly to the changing needs of your business by having instant access to your systems integration allowing you to adapt and meet the needs of your customers and suppliers in an efficient and effective manor


By automating processes you can decrease the time to manufacture, supply and invoice. This allows you to shorten the supply chain process, strengthening your relationship with your customer whilst also improving cash flow.


Removing human interactions means time to complete each process can be significantly reduced, enabling you to re-deploy staff where they are most needed and most effective.

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