Case Study Thatcham Research

    THATCHAM RESEARCH: In the driving seat for financial control with Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management (was X3)

Thatcham Research are experts in vehicle safety technology, vehicle security and crash repair.

As organisations grow, they can easily find that the finance and ERP systems they started out with begin to slow them down. Analysing data and handling information becomes laborious and inefficient, potentially putting a brake on performance and growth. For the vehicle safety, security and repair experts at Thatcham Research, this was the right moment to shift up a gear—and switch to Sage’s enterprise management solution.

The challenge
Thatcham Research was established nearly 50 years ago by a group of motor insurance businesses. Its mission was to help these firms control the cost of their claims. Thatcham Research’s primary focus was therefore on improving vehicle safety, making post-accident repairs more efficient and reliable, and strengthening vehicle security. Their remit has since evolved into being a recognised authority speaking on behalf of the motor insurance industry, involved in virtually everything to do with the safety, security and repair of vehicles.

Thatcham Research’s activities have correspondingly diversified, now ranging from putting together the intellectual thought behind deciding what insurance group a motor car is in, through to being the UK test house for The European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP), providing consumer information on the safety of new cars.

The solution
Like many businesses in a similar position, Thatcham Research invited multiple suppliers to tender and assessed the market. Butterfield made sure that the organisation’s expectation for the new system were clear-cut and explicit:

“We are not a massive enterprise. We’re a 200-strong not-for-profit team and we were looking for simple solutions that would help us manage our business in a better and more efficient manner. At the same time we recognised that our requirements would continue to grow, so any new system would need to be on an open and flexible platform that the business could build upon in future as needs changed and opportunities arose.”

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management (formerly known as X3) ticked all those boxes for Thatcham Research—especially as the company already had contacts within an established Sage partner organisation: the K3 business technology group.

“It was the right approach and as a result the deployment came in under budget and hit the milestones we set ourselves.”