Haes Systems turns to K3 to boost customer service and internal operations procedures

Haes Systems is one of UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers

Haes Systems is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of fire alarm products. They offer their customers an integrated end-to-end solution tailored to specific fire detection and alarm system requirements. Customers are supported during every stage of a fire system’s life cycle from risk assessment to product supply and installation to ongoing maintenance.

Although Haes is a very successful business, they noticed areas where improvements could be made. These changes would provide a fundamental framework to the future growth of the company. They chose to work with K3 to replace some of their IT systems to boost customer service levels and strengthen their internal operations.

Project background:

With customer service at the top of the agenda, Haes were looking at ways that would make things even easier for their customers. They had grand ambitions to make greater use of e-commerce but first and foremost wanted to ensure their back-end operation could support their vision. Their previous way of working involved duplication across a number of systems and didn’t enable them to get an accurate picture of important business KPI’s. Improvements were needed to support their development plans.

Haes Systems requirements:

One of the biggest requirements was to ensure that finance and manufacturing was aligned through one system. Haes were using Manusoft for manufacturing and Lakeview for finance. Effectively two standalone solutions. They didn’t link together
which meant there was no single view of the business performance, information such as stock levels had to be input twice often resulting in differences and each system had its own associated costs.

Also, sales staff didn’t have access to the manufacturing system so they had no visibility of what was in-production or lead times. The introduction of one single system would streamline processes and allow Haes to work more efficiently and
reduce costs by centralising maintenance and support.

Download the full case study to find out more about the solution provided by K3 as well as the business benefits and final outcome.

“…As soon as we saw a demo of Sage 200, we liked it. We hadn’t seen another product that covered everything we wanted”

Haes Systems