Atlantic Therapeutics case study

Altantic Therapeutics is a global innovator in medical equipment manufacturing

Atlantic Therapeutics is a young company with a big plan. Their mission is to transform the lives of millions of people who suffer the stigma of bladder weakness by offering life-changing solutions that restore their pelvic floors without the need for surgery or other invasive therapies.

“Our CFO at the time was very familiar with Sage software. He was particularly impressed by the level of reporting functions and how user friendly Sage products were.”

Project background

The company was formed as a spin off from a well-known body toning belt product. While the technology behind the toning belt was well established for improving body tone and abdominal strength, there was significant untapped potential for medical applications.

With the healthcare market the focus, Atlantic Therapeutics was formed to develop and manufacture medical device-quality pelvic floor strengthening products under the INNOVO® brand name. And to achieve the full potential of the company, an ERP was required.