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Sage X3 Overview

Sage X3 has a distinct set of customer highlights:

  • Usability
  • Mobility
  • Control
  • Intelligence
  • Responsiveness
  • Profitability
  • Scalability.

In terms of ERP usability, processes can be rolled out – and consequently adopted by staff – with a set of easy-to-use ERP screens, with all information being visible in one place.

The Sage X3 ERP system can be accessed on any browser or device – from back office PC to on-the-road tablet – increasing productivity. And each of these ERP users, no matter where they are based, gains the same real time, interconnected experience and control. With critical information being available immediately, decision making is improved in terms of both time and outcome.

Sage X3 also delivers notable benefits to the customer. Enquiries can be responded to more quickly, and more accurately. The ERP system delivers information to allow you to reduce costs, reduce inefficiencies and thus ensure margins are met (or even increased) when processing customer orders.

Having simplified inventory management – and other business processes – Sage X3 makes scaling your business up a more straightforward prospect.

More detailed information is available on Sage X3’s strengths and business benefits in the following areas:

  • Financial process management
  • Managing business purchasing
  • Manufacturing process management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales process management
  • Inventory management
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Sage X3: A faster, simpler and more flexible business management solution

Wales Millennium Centre

“Sage X3 offers us the flexibility we need to move forward as a company”
Mark Heycock – Head of Finance and IT

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Additions for Sage X3



Netalogue is an ecommerce software platform designed for the B2B marketplace.  Using Netalogue, manufacturing, distribution and wholesale businesses can build enterprise class, ecommerce website solutions. Online solutions might include catalogues, stores, buyer ‘self-service’ and complimentary mobile ‘app’ systems.  Netalogue’s clients range from small businesses to corporates and come from various industry verticals.  Companies typically select Netalogue for its extensive functionality, speed of deployment and close business fit which includes comprehensive ERP capabilities.”

Warehouse Management


Datalinx Warehouse Manager provides real-time warehouse management, using wireless handhelds. It is a flexible warehouse and inventory management system and has an impressive feature list including batch and serial number traceability. It also provides a practical solution to the problem of stocktaking batches and serial numbered products and the ‘pick and hold’ facility enables the marshalling of orders.
Delivering stock accuracy of up to 99.9% and providing real-time information on the status of products, Datalinx complements and enhances the depth and breadth of your Sage ERP system.

Business Intelligence

SenseNow Finance app
SenseNow Finance app

With the SenseNOW Finance app you get an easy to install app that gives senior managers and finance leader’s access to crucial company information. Extracting mainly ERP data, users can access ready-made reports that show the company’s KPI’s in an instant.
With SenseNow you don’t need an IT whizz to create or distribute reports. It’s a highly intuitive app, that’s quick to deploy and easy to use with minimal training needed for end users. Say goodbye to asking for the latest revenue, margin and gross profit figures and making important decisions without context or insight.

Example reports include:
– Cost centre profitability, EBITDA and contribution all filtered by period, department, account
– P&L filtered by period, department, cost centre and account, and associated EBITDA data
– Working capital, debt leverage ratio, and balance sheet overviews

Business Intelligence

SenseNow Customer app
SenseNow Customer app

With the SenseNOW Customer app you get an easy to install app that gives business leaders access to the information they need to know, but often don’t. Drawing predominantly on your ERP data, users can access ready-made analytics that uncover hidden truths about customers, products, sales and more.

With SenseNow you don’t need an IT whizz to create or distribute reports. It’s a highly intuitive app, that’s quick to deploy and easy to use with minimal training needed for end users. Say goodbye to ungoverned Excel anarchy that nobody trusts and making decisions based on incomplete data, loose interpretations and gut feel

Example reports include:
– Sales by customer and location
– Customer loyalty
– Sale people performance
– Debtors and payment habits

Sage X3 Case Studies

Sherry Fitzgerald

Industry: Property
Products: Sage X3

Win story: Ireland’s largest estate agent chooses Sage X3 to manage multi office accounts

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Thatcham Research

Industry: Automotive
Products: Sage X3

Case study: Sage X3 further strengthens the UK’s experts in vehicle safety & security

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Toby Electronics

Industry: Distribution
Products: Sage X3

Win story: Sage X3 allows Toby Electronics to expand their product portfolio and enter new markets

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Tudor Griffiths

Industry: Construction
Products: Sage X3

Win story: Sage X3 chosen to improve control and visibility for large privately owned company

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Wales Millenium Centre

Industry: Arts
Products: Sage X3

Win story: Wales Millennium Centre becomes the first UK Sage ERP X3 version 7 site

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