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An ode to Partnerships


It’s that time of year again when we celebrate our relationships and make our affections public. And it’s no different for businesses. You’re not just our customer, you are our PARTNER too.

So here’s a little (gimmicky) something from us to you to highlight just how much you are valued.

When we got together, you were feeling the pain
Frustrated, disappointed and generally drained
We sat down together and instantly clicked
We mapped out the future and what made you tick

When you needed to put your trust in my hands
I was there in a flash to hear you demands
I’ll always be honest about what I do
And not tell you anything I know isn’t true

We don’t always see things exactly the same
But I’m always ready and willing to change
On the off-chance that we don’t get things right
We’ll make it better without having a fight

I promised you then and I promise you now
That I’ll always listen to what gets you down
Whenever you need to let off steam or moan
Know that I’m waiting at the end of the phone

So as we look to the future together
Whether it’s sunny days or stormy weather
I promise I’ll always put you first
With nice surprises (such as this verse)

By Gemma Kantecki


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